Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Legendary SEVERED PENIS Story...

This be my graduated child with her cousin's girlfriend. Extremely proud of she. Her be smart even though her don't speak in a robot voice.
Wow, we saw the new XMEN movie, Days of Future Past, and wow, wow, and wow. I loved it. The best parts to me were in the future when they are being wiped out by the Sentinels. It was pretty brutal, with two being worth mention. First was when Bobby/Iceman gets grabbed in his ice form and his head is broken free of his neck. The next was when Colossus was pulled apart at the waist. Both of those scenes had me agape, I wasn't expecting it to be what it was. The only thing I knew they wouldn't put in but should've was that they should've both reverted back to normal form when dead. I'm sure it was brought up, but decided against due to wanting to keep a PG13 rating...
Maybe we can get a rougher version when the blu ray hits, which I will have to add to everything else. The XMEN films are the only thing I have in entirety other than the last Spiderman trilogy, which I also lurve...
I'd really like to get all the Avenger and the solo films on blu ray. I pretty much only have the 3D THOR 2.
I do also have Man of Steel and Green Lantern, and a few more in there, but I'd love them all.
I'm hoping to get, like, the Captain America ones on blu ray when the next/last one comes out so I'll have a sweeet box set. Also the Phase One box sets would be nice. I wish they'd went ahead and redid the Hulk, still makes me sad. I need/prefer continuity...
Anyway, three day weekend. Killer Kush hurr with me, so it is all tolerable that there are idiotic people here drinking and playing some card game for money, not sure WTF it's called, though.
I saw only one person of lates is bothering to read this craptastic blerg, wonder who they be...?
I was doing a pretty good job of posting alot, but then it all goes to poo sometimes, doesn't it?
I would love to have another desktop and privacy like I had before because I loved the "on the fly" posting awesomeness I did here in the beginning. I'm still occasionally snazzy, but I was spot on back then.
I guess an upswing is long overdue. But, yeah, desktop. I hate this laptop, all hunched over it.
Another quick thangie: Norm MacDonald is back with his podcast. Took forever, wonder what ever did happen to him. He looks wayyy better now, and the show is funnier so far than last years bunch. Meeting Norm would be amazing. Not sure how I'd feel if he was a douche, probably crushed. I would still love to, I could easily just quietly just sit near him as he tells stories like nobody's business. There would be no forced laughter, or uneasy non eye contact awkwardness...
Like the story I got hurled at me today. I will save the SEVERED PENIS STORY for another day.
Don't forget to remind me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Boogaloo Shrimpfest Buffet: Breaded, Dreaded, and Jerry Curl Netted...

Ahhhh, da wind, she doth bloweth, on me no less...
We could dance the party all night and drink some cherry wine?!?
Probably not, besides he's dead, Jimbo.
I just now realized how coincidental it is that I post a gif of David Spade and I'm about to go rewatch his comedy special I dvr'ed last weekend. It is a pretty good one, and I also recorded a Patton Oswald one that needs to be watched and purged of. Not sure if I'm going to get it done tonight, but we'll give 'er...
Na na na naaahh, na-na-nahhhhhh...
Now some extended Don't Dream It's Over for mein own listening pleasure. So well placed in the miniseries they did of The Stand, I liked it after that, yet not before. Hmmmm, go figure...
So many...
Dot dot dots.
Yet none for dipping, as always seems the case in a dive like this with the things and the boobie tassles, no?
I should've known when I saw the sign that said FREE BREAKFAST with cover charge. I get inside, and what do I get?!?
Lies, lies, lies. No fries, just lies. And boobies, lest we forget...
Because the sign was nothing more than a ruse, really. Shorn and slick as sliced slaw on the halfshell.
Don't bother deciphering this, it makes no sense to mein ears and eyes neitherly and netherly.
Ok, then. Time for a few mustard and biscuits before Mama comes in for my Bible lessons...
Peace out, Sniglets.
Btw, Chaka Khan might feel for you, but I do not. Not unless that funkeh bass line is poppin'...
And lockin'...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Would a Little More Glove Make It Right...?!?

Wow, not sure how that sweeet picture got onto my laptop, but here she be.
Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all y'all muthas out thurr.
I cleaned up the yard and much more today. I also ended up BBQing for my wife and some peoples. I then called my own dear Mammy. She pretty much spent it bitching me out, though, over random stuff. It's ok, though I had to straighten her out on a few tidbits. She's been listening to Sandy's version of the past, where I'm some drugged out douchebag "that ever gonna 'mount to nuthin'..."
It kind of hurts when they do that, as I was straight up lovable, son.
Anyway, I softened it up by the end of it. I hope she chills on that shit next time, I just want to try to enjoy some chit chat. I'm cool, though, not mad. Just wondering WHY sometimes...
If anything as a teenager, I more disappeared: POOF!!!
I spent alot of time out there learning about stuff no one wanted to be around to teach me that should've.
Forget about that right now, as will I. I just wanted to call her and have some happiness funtimes...
Maybe all the sun I got today will brighten spirits, as will this sweeet cheebness.
And some Olivia Newton Johnson!!!
Or some Matthew MconaughHEY!!!
Ok, gang, something went flippy on my whatnot hurr. Back atcha, naw!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Of Our Elaborate Plans, The End...

Yikers, my battery power on this thang is draining quickly, however...
I wanted to shock and awe with two posts two days in a row.
Fight, fight, fight!!!
Hitler's bday just passed on Easter Sunday, for those who didn't know.
He is pissed, btw, that you forgot.
It's not like he did anything to shape the current world as we know it.
Anyhoo, great revelations, even if they are/were in mein own mindschkull....
It is Sunday, so I'm going to grill out some bacon cheese burgers and fry up some serious tots.
I'm also going to cook up this nice steak I picked out. I'm going to try to hit the diet hard this week and get out on the pavement. I want to see how my body takes it, then think about getting back to the gym.
I had some thoughts last night, and they really turned the corner inside.
Not sure what up, but thangs are coming, hope they are dang sweeet.
Peace out, my niggs.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Mime Kampf...

Let me just pause for a moment and take another sip of pineapple juice real quicklike...
I like how it makes my salivary glads go into overdrive and continue to flood my mouth with spit well after the deed has been done.
Anyhoo, long time no see. Saw Amazing Spiderman 2 the other night. A+ all the way. The next morning I went out and bought the Raimi trilogy on blu ray for $20.
Now I'm sitting hurr on the bed listening to Jermaine Stewart on Youtube talking not having to take my clothes off. Guess he should've been more concerned with fluid leakage...
Nah nah nahhh nana nahhhh, nah nahhhhhhh.
Yup, went thurr.
Anway I can't say I've been super busy, just super slovenly. My kid has her prom tonight, and apparently hates her 'do being given to her by some chick friend of her mom. Later, not sure what's going on. Might hit the casino, or might hit Fayetteville to hook up with some friends. It's a coin toss, really.
I am kind of tired of being here, though. Maybe I just need to get out.
Uhhhh, what else?
Seeing alot of movies. I would love to find a quick and inexpensive way to expand my blu ray collection.
I also need to get a blu ray compatible tv in my room. How can I watch Knocked Up otherwise?!?
Anyway, now I'm being gophered into buying beer and oil to make flautas.
Such is life. I bid you that really hard to spell French word...