Monday, November 24, 2008


No, not the group that brought you that pop sensation Venus. That was Bananarama. This is just the guy that's gonna make you wish you lived there...
Chocolate Goddess on the mountain top,
Burning like an ebony flame,

Dark summit of beauty and love,
And Condy was her name!
Her weapons were her charcoal eyes,
Making every man a man,
Black as the dark night she was,
Got what no-one else had,
She's got it,
Yeah, baby, she's got it!
I'm your Venus, I'm your fire,
At your desire.
You know old Barrack has to have tried to tap dat ass. Condy is way finer than his old lady anyday. So he gave Hilldawg a spot on his roster, wasn't expecting that either.
Regardless, I'm not a religious person but I swear if there is like some assassination attempt on him, and he looks like he takes a direct head shot...
If he shows up later totally unfazed, I may just be a changed man. Kidding, but I like how he isn't even PREZ yet, and I'm already hearing about all the promises he made during his campaign that he's already gonna be unable to do.
Wow, nobody ever questioned that at the time, they were too busy jizzing themselves over being gypped into believing they were part of some historical bullshit and breathing heavily in the media/celebrity gaseous clouds of their smug fartiness of divine intervention on our common peasant, inbred asses. Ha!
I love how it is assumed that the world didn't hate us prior to the first time Dubya ever flushed the White House toilet. Eight years of blinders under a self absorbed, hornytoad bumpkin like Bill was more than enough time for the rest of the world to gather and plot our demise.
You gotta hang out around the water cooler to hear the latest gossip and stay in the know on who's trying to ram something explosive up your ass. And in this case, the water cooler is the Middle East. Obama can't get us out of there, and as we tuck tail and run, they will bid us farewell with harsh words and a few final rockets to boot.
McCain wasn't going to keep us in some kind of war with Iraq. The hope was to have those guys finally cover their own asses, and we would have a presence there like we had in Japan. I've even heard him explain it with mein own ears, and saw his lips move with mein own eyes.
Who knows what Obama will do? I do believe he is about to have some tests coming up, one being Iran and Israel. They are not going to let Iran have nuclear capabilities. They are going to mercilessly bomb the fuck out of them. Will this, along with further disastrous events, start the end all of world wars?
"Will the devil have his day"
Kidding, geez!
Einstein once said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
I wonder if there were any past civilizations that crawled up out of the mud, or from eons huddled in caves, to have the mental might, yet the moral depravity, to nearly destroy humanity as a whole. Maybe we just got lucky to the point where a few, but just enough to restock the population, survived. Started all over. Invented god or something in hopes of scaring people from ever again trying to be too big for their britches.
Lied to future generations long enough to let the past fade away...
I think we are teetering. They are watching to see if that wobble was from blood leakage, or faked to draw the wolves in a little closer for the strike.
Well that's all for me now tonight, I'm hungry. Deal with it...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ebon Flow...

The ebb and flow of it all, what does it all mean? My mood, and those things around me that bring me up, also leave me dashed upon the rocks.
I still have three, possibly four, days of work left this week. It is always tough to be there, because I really don't like to talk to people in the real world, and I don't like to be touched by them. Or probed in any way. I can be extremely vague when I want to be. Leaves room for loopholes, you see...
Piercings, within the realm of law, yet ringing the nipple, errr..... I mean star that is pure, unadulterated goodness like a rogue planet of vigilanteism and doom to the evil naysayers perched on my haunched visage. WTF?
I was forced to watch Jeff Dunham today on TV, and that guy is not funny, and puppets aren't funny, and you know what?
I could see his lips move.
Like today's picture? It's almost like Condy could be a superheroine if'n she wanted to. Her show would be on BET, probably give her a name like Ebon Flow, Mistress of the Menstrual Cycle.
It's 10:20pm and I have to be up at 5am so I hear that whistle blowing last call. All aboard on the last train to Sleepies' House.
Woot wooooooooooot.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So the Chiefs game isn't on TV once again, since they've been losing. However, thanks to Keith, I've found US97, and they are broadcasting the game. Surprising they didn't block this out, because on other channels you gotst to pay. The Saints are without three cornerbacks, and the Chiefs are due up to win. Larry Johnson is back too, so it looks like they will win, though it's beyond me why it's not on TV. This is almost a given, so I'm surprised it's being put on the shelf in favor of the Packers. Maybe I should spend three hours plus at Buffalo Wild Wings...
I don't wanna be the guy who high fives everyone when the game seems over, like last weekend.
So some guy was rooting for the Packers, he saw my Green Bay hat and was trying to high five me too. I was like, "Hey, I'm only wearing this hat to cover my Jew-fro."
So he ran his mouth, and by and by, he was disappointed. And you could see his wife was perturbed at his drunkenness. All I can say is he made me root for the other team.
Football, football...
I love the Chiefs, though they are breaking my heart right now...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sleepy's Dead Reckoning...

I reckon that though this picture is quite old, it conveys how I feel to a tee. My paycheck will be a good one, but I'm worn out from working on a Saturday, which is today for those not in the know.
I had good company, and my boss bought food for us, even though the rotten bastard gave me a wicked tongue lashing earlier in the day for an past tardy slip up which doesn't even count because I stayed home and had a Dr's excuse. I just didn't call before work. Oh wellz, deal, bitch.
He said he would pass it on to his "guy" and the worst thing would be that I would get some stupid letter in my file, and said it like he was doing me some sort of a favor. I was like "we'll see how that all goes over."
Another woops letter goes into the shredder. Trust me, it will, if there even is one later. He tried to put me on leave restriction once, and that also fell through. Dumbass.
I now have a headache, I'm farting like crazy from some cheese dip with habanero peppers in it, and I think I'm just going to take a nap... right... now.
Nighty nights. Sleepy's house awaits with doors wide open!

Friday, November 14, 2008

2012 Elections/Ode to Condy...

Condy will run, oh yes, she will run. And she will look damn fine doing it too. You will want to vote for her. In this picture, you can clearly see she can readily seduce you with those eyes as well as squirt liquid acid to rain down upon your insolent flesh!!! Beware!!!
Yet she is also a benevolent dame. She will scrub clean all of our wrongdoings, she will wash away the sins of the fathers...
She will bring us back to past glory, riding on a star spangled pony. She will lather us with soft, foamy bubbles of...
Freedom perhaps?
Righteous and divine tenacity for the finer things, to better the realms she beholds with beauty and grace?
Some in the world do not want such a thing as peace and love under one strong black woman who can crush walnuts with her thighs. Some would rather take, take, and take some more. Credit where credit is(n't) due, they mutter under their sour, tainted breaths. We can't let this happen, they cry, befuddled, to the darkening skies.
But can it be stopped? Methinks not. She is the juggernaut, she is...
Do not fight the rising tide, lest you attempt to wrangle incessently with the gods of burning hellfire yourself.
Let the cleansing rays of the chocolate goddess wash down upon your soul...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yup. Here I am. In the flesh. Nekked for all eyes to see. I see some of you squinting. I didn't mean that kind of nekked...

"Thank Jehovah for that!"


I wish I wouldn't have killed my other blog. I had alot of really personal stuff in it. But to keep it would have meant to go insane. Again.



Have them, we do, don't we all, come on, come on, won't you now hey?

I like to turn my brain off. Unfortunately it comes back and bites me in the ass. I heard in space they can't hear you scream...