Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once Again, Now Back, What Then?

Nothing but a speck of dust in the desert of your mind...
You are an asshole. A fucking asshole. I am a motherfucking tornado, and you will be fucking swept up like a motherfucking ant. You are the one that spun me thus.
You did this: to me, and to you. I will be your downfall, I will be the thing that poisoned you. If I am not with you, I hope I am the bullet in the gun that ends your playtime with my heart.
I only want your love, your touch, your everything. Women are the worst, they know your weaknesses. They exploit them. We will have a showdown. Whether you like/want it or not.
You want me to forget you? At one time you wanted me to fucking rescue you, how much of a dumbass am I?
I love you and you shit all over my heart. Every fucking day. Not only is there not room at the top, there is no top.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

am i standing on the cusp? teeter, teeter. neener, neener. weakness? you are my only, only, weakness. i have never loved anything more in my life. i am poor, yet I pour myself into you. Am I a fool?
I love you. Deep in my heart I do. Right now it only hurts. Martha, I love you. Martha, Martha, Martha.

Friday, April 02, 2010


The one sanctuary I finally have. Day to day life makes me wanna fucking kill myself. I hate life, I hate all of you. I would totally be happy to live off the land, to fucking live...
You make me mad, you make me throw up in my own mouth. I hate you, I fucking hate you.
I really.. fucking DO. Today?
Why are we not exploring space?