Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Howdy folks...
Saw Resident Evil movie, can't remember the complete title, just that it's the fifth piece of shit so far.
The last one actually had some redeeming qualities, but this one is more than a slap in the face. It has disemboweled RE, bled it dry, buried it, dug it back up and pissed on it, then buried it upside down...
The only way you could see it was in 3D, which is total bullshit, but a good way to get serious bucks before word gets out how shitty it actually is/was.
Please reboot with a new director/writer/no Mila Jahovah's Whatever-the-fuck-it-is. Give it to someone who truly loves this enough to be able to balance being true to the material without cheesing it out. When I saw their Leon, I was immediately repulsed. Flabbergasted. Livid. Fucking pissed.
I still play RE4 on a regular basis, and would play RE2 if I could find the disc. Leon is the king.
I would be completely happy with an animated film in 3D. Do it up like RE4's creepy look.
Give it to Romero, but make him stick to the source material and not try to put some "message" in there.
I'd love to see it all done properly. But then again, I'd love someone to redo Battlefield Earth the way it should be: as a trilogy, with oodles of moolah to pour into it. Love that book. Too bad that Scientology is a bunch of hokey crap.
Not much is going on. Work, sleep. Wishing the zombie apocalypse would hurry up and pop. One more month until Walking Dead. Andale.
Anyway, nothing clever to say today. Going to watch Scrubs and make a sandwich.
That is all.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth...

 A new computer...
A gift?
I wish, but no. Unfortunately, I had to get this for a short time from some crap rental place. It'll go back when I can afford a sweeet new desktop. Might be awhile, but it will be mein...
Oh yes, it will be mein.
Instead, the gift will be this post to you. The best part is no one can return it, you can only move on after seeing it. So I guess it could be a gift or a curse.
Question: Is it better to laugh whilst dying, or to live whilst crying?
I went to a meeting today and heard the first part and added the last. I haven't been drinking, but I still go from time to time for a little meditation time. It's an hour away from the everyday bullshit that's all for me.
Hey, where'd that horse go to...?
By the way, MU played hard against Georgia today in their SEC opener in foofoo ball. They played three great quarters, then gave up in the fourth. I'm crushed.