Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What up, Mofeckle?

How yo dick hangin'?
Low I hope...
Dennis Chevante. The man. I can't wait until Observe and Report comes out. Trying to think what else I'm waiting for, but they, if they even exist, elude memory for now. Dang it.
When I'm done here, I'ma go looking online to find out. A+ movie all the way. The director is the same as Foot Fist Way, and Danny McBride even makes a "guesty".
I just made that word up. Yay for me!!!
I also happened to be digging through a $5 bin at Best Buy with no hope in sight, when I spied Silent Rage. I'm sure if I watched most Chuck Norris movies now, I'd cringe like I do when I see the A Team. Doesn't have the same effect. But this one is Chuck versus the guy that's pretty much like Mike Myers without the mask. Kung fu plus Sci Fi plus the Country equals what?
An A+ plus movie still. I highly recommend.
What else: Sunshine Cleaning. A+ as well. Great movie, the kind of which gets overlooked and underseen. Too bad, and Steve Zahn makes an appearance as a sleazy exboyfriend/cop/still current lover.
Nothing else. Shopping around, so to speak.
Saving my soul...
"He has one?"
I think he's being sarcastic.
I also just finished season one of Charles in Charge. I have finished up finally tonight, and only wish they had season two. Great show, I wonder why Chachi died out of stardom? I mean, he was still banging away at some high profile poonanner even after he fell. Mind boggling.
I need to remember how to properly search Hulu so I can find new things to watch.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


I am always being led to Candy Mountain, but no more. Strength. Unicorns. Pink and violet. I once again am free, and care no more. Free to be me, free to be.
Yay for me.
Working out, very hard, very...
Diligent in my feeding habits. I saw a movie tonight that I expected to suck: it was called Expired. This guy is one step away from being a serial killer. I could but I'd be more the vigilante. I could never kill anyone who didn't deserve it. My only reason is revenge, though it is not much better.
Why not?
Shun the nonbeliever, shhhhunnnnnnnnnn-nah.