Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Arch of an Eyebrow...

From the beginning of time the first story of betrayal involves a man...
And his old lady.
He does the things he thinks are right. They turn out to not be right, in fact they are wrong in every sense of the word. This is usually because some evil succubus is whispering some of the most fucked up shit in his ear. Is that even an actual sentence?
From Adam and Eve to Bonnie and Clyde...
It all ends in a gory puddle of apple cores, ribs, and bullet ridden dollar bills.
And bankruptcy, self doubt, self discovery, self doubt, self discovery...
Until the day that The Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead becomes a living reality, then we have to continue to suck that dick, twist that nozzle...
So my wife's friend used his GAY-DAR on me and failed.
Background: he looked just like MANGO.
Should I readjust my shit or continue to roll with the punches?
I actually have perfect GAY-DAR and wouldn't peg myself as he did.
Wishful thinking?
A simple arch of an eyebrow...?
Sometime soon I will post as was done did beforehand in the beforehandville...
Until then?
Stizz tizznooneezeedizzle on the shizznizzlebeeoznatch.
This time I fucking mean it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It Rears Its Ugly Head again...

The dreaded no picture post...
Wow, a month gone by. Not much doing here, been only checking a choice few sites or forums.
And, no, Facebook is not one of them. They have pretty much killed the internet and dulled the senses of its inhabitants.
I just digressed away from the computer to have a conversation about chicken fried steak sandwiches and the fact that white gravy on them is impractical and doesn't go with the cheddar slabs I'm going to melt on their very tiptops and squash down with mayo, freshly sliced tomato, and crisp lettuce...
Not to mention the fact that I didn't buy any to slather on.
Maybe not. It did cross my mind, but it would be another thangie to have to babysit whilst it heated.
Saw a few movies on dvd.
Shark Night, again. Saw it at the movies, loved it.
Straw Dogs. No not a new one by the old farts on the motorcycles.
Good one, but sometimes silly.
And resaw 50/50. I need to buy it.
Been working, but not much to talk about there. Boring crap as usual with dickholes abounding.
Wanna buy a new computer, and grow my own smoke.
That would be cool. I'd be happy if they legalized it.
I know I'd get as prescription easy.
Blah blah blah.