Sunday, August 25, 2013

Purpoise and Porpose...

Look at the pretty fireworks, Ma?
It is late, 12:45 am to be exact. What am I doing up? Wouldn't you like to know?
Watching Chris Elliott interviews and stuff all night.
Ben Affleck as Batman? I hate it. It will be enough to make me miss this piece of crap. Bummer, had promise before this revelation/turdfest.
Saw We're the Millers. I liked it, but it was hardly a stoner comedy, which I'd hoped it was. Very formulaic, but I like that guy, Jason Whateverthefuckhisnameis...
Overall an ok movie, nothing special. Maybe I just wasn't into it. I need something spiffy.
I need THOR.
Wait, aren't porpoise illegal?
The mid 80's. Watching a skit from Letterman back in the day, circa mid 80's. He's on a boat with Paul, and Chris Elliott doing a southern accent. I yearn and burn for those times. To be young again, with the knowledge I now have, hmmm...
It's now 1 am. I'm tired. I'm also bored shitless. The things I want. I wish it would be given to me, so I can gaze upon it lovingly as it does exactly as I'd always wanted, as if that were what it had been made for, its purpose.
I keep nudging towards it. Give it to me, please. you know deep inside you want it, too.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Inane Babble...

 Such is the nature of nature, definitely not to nurture...
I just got back from pigging out at some casino buffet. I am soooooooooo stuffed. This is, in fact, the first time I've really gotten to sit down and relax since I got off from work. It is now 8:50 pm...
Time to get a smoke on. I'm kind of wore out, not sure I should do anything but huddle shakily under the covers in the dark. I have to work at George's manana, I do so hate that place.
I taste tacos and broccoli...
And not in a good way. I was listening to Paul Young earlier, now it has moved on to the B-52's. Can't find anything near as good today as what we had back in the day. I promise to end this gripe right now. Not going to say how shitty everything is today. Not.. going to...
Anyhoo, I'm going through my Star Wars blu-ray box set extras now that I'm done with Get a Life. So sad that I am, too. Great show!!!
Other than that, bored shitless. Sometimes I just naturally bounce off of all the walls. I have no explanation for it, and I feel weird when it kicks in. It makes me want to run far away and never come back.
Someday, maybe, I will...
I guarantee it won't be on another planet, as if they'd risk taking me. I'd need strong meds and bonds, because I would freak out. I love space, but it messes with me even thinking about it anymore. The vastness makes me swirl, and not in a good way.
Oh my GAWD there is a fly in here and he continually lands on or extremely near me. Everything. Everything.
And it all amounts to nothing.
In the end.
You get it in the end.
Get it?
Got it?
Good and painful.
The blu-ray for This is the End comes out October 1st. Barely a month away, but seeming to take forever. We saw it twice at the theater, but I was hoping it'd come to the discount one so I could see it a few more times. I will be stoked to see it in blu-ray, though. Best movie hands down I've seen this year.
This, and new Walking Dead, is what I long for now. And football...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Would a Little More Bud Make It Right...?

Sitting here running through my Youtube favorites playlist. Olivia Newton John followed by PiL, can't get any better than that.
Today we saw Kick-Ass 2. It was, well, pretty darn kickass...
I give it an A. Loved the story, loved the gore, loved the good and bad guys. I'd love to see a sequel, but not sure where that would fall in with how this one ended. Not sure.
It was nice to have a final Friday off, especially two days before my birthday. I will be 41. My, how the time doth fly...
I feel ok, I've been taking better care of myself, and getting some blood pumping here and there. I'm waiting for that moment when I decide to truly hit it hard. Oh, it's coming...
Anyhoo, blah blah, and life sucks. People just seem to turn on you without warning. Show compassion, and get eaten alive. Play the game, and you might as well tattoo "Dickhead" across your forehead. I don't get it, and I'm not sure I want to. People are definitely overrated. If you want a collection of them, you have to do things like: listen to their shitty music interspersed with your own. They can't just sit back and let you guide them, they have to try to turn you on to their crapfest in crisp clear crispityness. Not cool.
Also, people like to tell you their horror stories. Wah wahhhhh, someone touched me. I'm not saying that doesn't suck, but why the fuck are you telling ME about it? People like to dump their crap life on you when they drink. No thanks.
What else?
They talk, and it never ends. Makes me wish I carried a nail gun. Right in the...
Too bad I can't clone myself, and all of me run away together. What fun!!!
Lastly, my old English teacher, Ms. McCarty was posted to have died. Apparently all the way back in 1996, not that long after we all graduated. She was my nemesis for my Junior year. I was actually pretty fucked up and mean to her. I'm not even sure why. Now, I know you probably thin I'm either going overboard on this, or that this sounds bad. I never did anything super horrible, I just totally dominated her mentally and emotionally. I realize now that she was probably a full blown alkie, and I probably made her life hell while she had me. Sad. I wish that I'd not been such a douche to her. Wonder what killed her?
It's strange how things seem to be different when you're living in a dream. Isn't it?
I seem to be having alot of moments, daily, when derealization makes me wonder if I couldn't just exist in my own shit somewhere far, far away from the idiots poisoning the air around me.
Questions for another time, I guess. Right now I have to go get more beer for people. See how they cause toil and trouble?
Boring. I need baubles, I need pets. Rubies...

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hey, Would You Like To Buy a Monkey...?!?

Howdy ho, folks.
Happy joyous day. Oh, happy joyous muggy black day...
I just got the box set of the complete run of Get a Life on dvd. Chris Elliott is the Sigue Sigue Sputnik of the sitcom early 90's. He was/is just too much for the regular viewing public, or as I like to call them: nitwits.
Now all I need to do is find a copy of Cabin Boy somewhere. It'd be better if there were some lavish blu ray out there. Maybe someday...
I laugh my balls off. I will watch as much of it as I can tonight. Later will come the commentaries. Too bad I read Chris and his writing buddy did sweeet commentaries of their own, which weren't used.
That's the peoples I want to hear from. I did see there are some featurettes with Judd Apatow on them. I can't wait to see them, I'm sure he loves the show. How could he not?
Anyhoo, half a day tomorrow, then off until Monday again. Maybe I'll win that Powerball tonight, and never have to look back.
To dream. If only...
I would probably age backwards for a few years at least. Don't get me started. Why do rich douchebags just seem to live forever?!?
The wrong people, I tell you. The world. Why? Just...
Give a nigga a chance.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Just Another Manga Monday...

In defense, this picture was taken awhile back, when the chin had company. I've slimmed up quite a bit since then. Last week I also had a pretty good stomach thangie going on, and just continued to eat healthy afterward. I'm also doing some lifting, and a few other basic stuffs to get it to spark the little bits into a raging fire...
Just got back from seeing R.I.P.D.
Wasn't bad, but the CG monsters were kind of lame. I still give it a B.
Ugh, we ate a whole bag of peanuts, though, and my tongue is super salt dried right now. That, and the kush, make this fellah one thirsty hombre. I just turned around to find I didn't think ahead to bring a giant drank of H2O up in hurr...
Anyhoo, I had today off. Wish I never had to work again, and had oodles of dough to just have fun. Sad that some people waste more money on worthless crap while most of us wonder what it'd be like to live it up. Were I rich, I'd do some cool things, of course. But some of the idiotic shit others do, I'd steer clear of.
Too bad the assholes get to live longer by way of less stress through pampered living, while we toil away to die wondering how we're going to scrape a means of living those last few decrepit years.
Guess it makes religion seem not so silly when you're faced with hell here followed by nothingness. Maybe this is hell now, and we've already fucked the dog somewhere else. A lifetime of despair, and then poof!!!
This weekend is Russfest, but a friend claims it will be a party of non epic proportions, with a guest list of two. I never went to the bench they dropped his ashes at and what not. I would like to someday.
Too bad I'm a lazy bastard, but he'd understand.
I want to go see Keith soon in jail. I also want to hang out some Saturday night with Greg, and make him burn a butt ton of sweet sweet cheeba. Throw in there a nice hang with my parents, maybe some cashew chicken...
It's one in the a.m. right now. Birthday coming up, hope I can remember to post on that day. Wow, 41 I'll be. Strange, indeed.
It's all fucking strange, isn't it? The millions of years of evolution that has brought us to this point, where we do the daily fucked up shit that we do to each other. Strange, and sad.
Good thing we have Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie to lovingly guide us towards giving what little we gots to others who will count the money we send, and stuff giant wads of it into their bulging pockets, and let a few wayward bills and coins waft down into grubby hands that just squander it away on shiny baubles...
We need a hero, Bonnie. We're holding on for a hero til the end of the night...
You old slut.