Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Better Now, Ty-Ty...

 Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Clippity clop, clippity clop.
Sitting here watching Sunday night's Walking Dead, freezing my balls off for some reason. Where ist mein hoodie?!?
That's better, but now I'd like a cigarette. Hmmmm...
Thurr we go, all set. Colder in the garage, though.
Ugh, I hate actually typing out the whole words. I'm so spoiled by my phone. Typing stuff out at work is sooooooooo tedious.
It is now almost midnight, and I need to retire soon to the bedroom. Two more crap days of work. I hope no one won the Powerball so I can win the next one.
OMG, I would hide away forever. Have shit shipped to me. Have so many baubles...
Become mein own master chef.
P.S. RIP Tyreese. I'm kind of glad he's gone, he was kind of a pussyfart.
The episode was also tres artsy fartsy, and straight up boring. I did like some of the zombies...
Night all.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Warren Sapp, Awwww Snap...!!!

Hey, chuckleheads. The new post is past overdue, taint it?
Been somewhat busy. Being two years removed from drinkies, I actually have to do some shit from time to time. Haven't been working out a few due to aches and pains, and a prolonged illness.
I got a new car today, as my piece of shit minivan died awhile back. It's an Envoy, whatever the fuck that is, with a bunch of doodads I have no idea go to what.
What else, still sick, and feels like it is taking a turn for the worse. Just always seeming to feel ill all the time, which is weird since I was eating healthy and working out like a boss.
No clue, but even my thoughts seem supercloudy and grey as fuck. Trying to break on through...
To the other side?!?
Anyhoo, boredom, and complacency continues to abound. I'm waiting for The Walking Dead to hurry up and finish the second half of the season so everyone can then bitch about another seven month wait after that. The midseason break is easy, football season is balls deep at the time, but uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
I feel bad for you masses, I really hoped to draw from the well of awesomeness once again to make my time away not sting so.
Yet, alas.
I end up standing here with my thumb up my ass like a Mexican Wolverine, everybody in the barrio says so.
My name is Jeffffffffff.
P.S. Way to go, Warren Sapp. Fitting end to a crap Superbowl where the craptastic Patriots win...