Friday, September 26, 2008


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What's new, peoples? Just checking in, I know I've been awhile.
"You don't sayyyy..."
I been hep-MO-tized!!!
So what's been happening with me then? Ummmmm, Let's see. Working as much as I can, I've also been watching my beloved Chiefs going down the toilet once again, thanks to Herm Edwards, or as I like to call him: the idiot who keeps ripping my heart out weekly and shitting on it, then stomping it into mush.
Yesterday I watched Say Anything on Youtube. That is one of my all time faves, I took a girlfriend to see it back in... 89-90? I cry everytime I see it.
"I gave her my heart..."
And she gave me a pen.
This gem is a timeless classic. I'm a jerk piece of crap sometimes, and even I love it, so I can imagine anyone who sees it will instantly be catapulted back to their own break up scene. Cusack's best movie, hands down.
I've been seeing alot of movies, the best out of the bunch being Pineapple Express. This movie does for weed comedies/action thrillers what Say Anything did for movies where a guy holds up a boombox jamming some sweet Peter Gabriel. You know what I mizzean...
I've seen it 6 times now, think I might even "hit it" one more time before it's gone. James Franco is kickass in this, I never knew he even had it in him. All star cast and the black guy playing Matheson is high-larious. So see this if you haven't. When this badboy comes out on DVD I'm gonna bogart the heck out of it. Movie of the year!!!
So tonight, though, I'm thinking about seeing Choke, I just hope it's ok for my kid to see it. I'm hoping it ain't raunchfest 2008. I may call and ask first. Looks really good though, sex addict who makes a living by pretending to choke in restaurants takes care of his mama and wants to bang the nurse...
I'm wore out, work today was mentally grueling to get through. I hate people. I wish I worked somewhere that I was totally alone all the time. I like silence. I just recently realized that I don't even hardly listen to music anymore. And when I actually do remember to turn the radio on in the car, it's on NPR. So I'm either jamming out to some classical or yelling/laughing at Libtards and their vicious attacks on Palin. She's inexperienced? WTF is Obama then? He ain't even been around very long, and he's spent most of it running for Prez. McCain's too old? Younger than Reagan by the time he was done. He won't die, geez, you morbid fuckers. And Democrats are every bit as crooked as they point the Republicans out to be. Hell, Edwards was squirting out errant, wayward baby batter while running for Prez hisself!!! I'm voting McCain, he's able, he's been in the shit, he isn't planning on taking over the world and drinking the blood of all non white children. Hispanic news is the worst, they are pretty much telling the people who watch their garbage how to vote. The only thing important to them is getting here easier, they don't care about the stuff we need to do to survive in this crazy, mixed up world, lol. I don't think Obama is some sleeper cell terrorist or anything silly like that. The guy is an excellent speaker, he could talk the panties off of Mother Theresa, I'll give him that. But he's a whole lot of fluff, all that talk is exactly that... TALK. He isn't going to fix anything except our little red wagons. Then the shitstorm will begin.
Supposedly Planet X is swinging our way in like 2012 or something, and the aliens will be mining our planet for gold, and apparently taking all the cool rich people back with them, and hunting us down like dawgs in the meantime. Or something like that. All the world's governments are secretly making giant underground ARKs, sectioned off dwellings for all the elite. I hear alot of kookoo theories all the time. Myself?
I think we are spiralling headlong into WW3. There is just too much shit going on, and everyone is turning on us. This didn't happen when Bush was Prez, alot of it started and grew during Slick Willy's reign of terror. So yeah, I'd rather have a guy with balls like McCain at the helm than dickhead Obama. I can't believe he didn't pick Hilldawg as his VP. So we will either have a black Prez, or a female VP. One way or another, we'll have firsties. Depending on who wins though...
It may be lasties!!!
What else now that I've shared my political leanings. I do nothing but sit back here and make videos, the ones at the top of the page on Youtube. Or check out my favorite places on ze net. Liveleak, Youtube, Craptv, ummm...
Yeah right.
I'm tired right now, and still trying to shake some wicked bad cold. I'm also trying to not turn into a fatass again, so back to eating right, and next week the heavy workouts begin anew. I only got back up to 180ish so it'll go quick and dirty. This time I won't burn myself out and plateau like last time. I just never changed it up, or gave it a rest. I was pretty rabbitlike bodywise, but couldn't seem to bulk up. I wasn't eating enough, at least not enough meat. I got bigger when I took creatine, but that stuff made me feel weird so I quit. And I tore a tendon last year like in November in my foot, that also caused me alot of grief, and handfuls of hydrocodone.
"Eating them like Skittles!"
Not that bad...
But when the soft and fluffy ride was over, I was missing them dearly for a few days. I also need to lay off the cancer sticks. So many things to do... to do...
How though? And some of them can't/won't be delved into here, because I'm still dealing with them. Maybe when I take care of them, I will share. But for now, I will leave you with this oath as we bump fists...'
Pound it.
Lock it.
Break the pickle?
Tickle tickle.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Be Square, Be There...

It is amazing that I post pictures of me that bear striking resemblance to Chaotic Graveh yet profess to love you all, and bathe you all in warm liquid night. Bizarre, and strange, events are soon to unfold. I await upon edge of seat: will I fold? Will I...
I will leave that afterthought to ye allz. My destiny is in your hands. Will the hand that bites feed upon you? Punch or get out, punch or get out...
Bondage, and fantasy. Whatever gets your cookies. Will you succumb, will you succumb?
"Methinks he's gone daft."