Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is That a Fool's Tail...?

So I bought the new Duran album the day it came out. "She thinks I've just forgotten?" NEVER. Imagine the best tasting, refreshing drink you could hope to ever quaff down, yet never tasted, other than in theory. Then imagine it being pissed in before you could ever take a swallow or a sip. Triviality? "Pretend." Lie, and die. I've not been able to face a fucking Olivia Newton john song, maybe not as long as I live ever again. Worse... Moving on, you said. I eat those bullets, sadly. "In this chamber, lit by scandal..." You're the bullet in the barrel. "You're the last thing as I'm falling..." Bloody roaring, still I'm calling out. I'm calling out. To not be heard, to be left screaming... Wishing for Mediterrania, expecting Antarctica... My two favorite songs off the new album are Mediterranea and The Man Who Stole a Leopard. I could quote this whole album, I just don't have enough space. "You've small children who can easily be molded." Mine gave up on me that day of the Superbowl. You've no idea yet how much pain that causes. I still feel worse than the repercussions. I wanna say many more things. Tell me how I can? Give me a code.

Sunday, March 13, 2011