Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Sitter...

Did I mention my love for David Gordon Green? We saw The Sitter yesterday, and it was the bomb, yo.
Good thing I don't give a crap what the critics say, or I'd have missed this sweet gem.
A+ all the way.
Always love Jonah Hill, who did a bang up jerb, but the kids stole the show everytime they got a chance. Especially Rodrigo, pictured heeyah...
A nice young pyromaniac hailing from El Salvador, he's adopted into a well to do family with their own brand of problemos. When not blowing things up, he's prone to urinating on anything and anyone he so chooses to.
Also, Sam Rockwell as Carlos, the drug dealer chasing them throughout the film, is superb. Hell, everyone up in the heezy does a fine jerb bringing what they bring to the table.
Can't believe this movie isn't faring better, but apparently most of the moviegoers would rather see crappy kids' crap crapping up the screen.
Such is life. I will most definitely buy this on dvd, probably on the cheap.
Hoping for a Pineapple Express 2 someday.
David Gordon Green is a GAWD among amateurs.
When will the rest of you realise this?!?!?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here's Graveh...

Long time, no see.
Been slumming it up, with no net.
I plan on sharing. I plan on vomiting out alot of what be going on.
Get ready for it, put a bib on, this is gonna make Gallagher look like...
Fuck watermelons, the sledgehammer is gonna fall once again.
My seed will spill...
Splooge, indeed.
That's alot of labia...