Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry F-ing XMAS...

Merry XMAS to you all. I have probably never posted this day ever but I is nizzow. I bought my kid a guitar, so far I haven't heard her playing it, my stepson is probably enjoying his XBOX games more. XMAS is a pain for me, I do alot of work, am thanked for none of it, then expected to ferry people around and fake smile all day. When my taxes come, it will be XMAS for me. Right now I'm broke, mentally wasted, and just bored and tired of it all.
I stink to high heaven too!
Click on the pic to get the gif image of it. Pretty trippy. Can't believe I can still tune a guitar, btw.
I have to drive to Missouri today, I dread it. But I want/need to see my parents. I don't care if I get anything, I just wanna eat and be fucking merry for once, lol.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Agony of Deceit...

Before I go any further, click on these pics as they be sweeet gif images, especially the Hitler one.
So where was I? I saw The Boy in the Striped Pajamas last night, it was good. I give it an A. Maybe you have to be in the mood for this kind of thing...
This was a bleak film, but very short. I left wanting more, and wondering why there wasn't more detail to it. There definitely could have been more made out of it. Wonder what happened to the family after, did the mother hang herself in grief and shame? Did the father ever redeem himself, or just give in fully to the monster within him? What about that poor soldier sent off to the front line, did he make it out? Doubt that one...
So anyway, it's cold as fuck here and tomorrow I have to be at another plant to work over there, so I shan't be up too late tonight.
Awwwww, who am I kidding? I should wrap myself around a huge bottle of gin, and then wrap my car around a tree. I won't though.
Le sigh.
Holidays suck. I remember getting Castle Grayskull for XMAS one year, and they all gradually went down from there. Maybe life is about falling in love with things, only to leave them discarded, or watch them wither of their own accord. Which is the nobler deed?
I'm now starting to understand how fucked up it all is. Easier too, when you realize how many things you still have around you from ten years... fifteen years... twenty years or more...?
Things rot, things disintegrate, things... lose luster.
It all blurs, it all... turns too like Anne Rice's belief that vampires turn to madness when the times change around them. Even Lestat went through it. Too bad they ruined it with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the starring roles. Once again, another example of life's bullshit.
I ramble, and I feel all marmly. Robble robble.
I actually have shit to do tonight, but I feel crappy due to this shitty weather putting my sinuses on lockdown. My kid is singing in Fayetteville tonight, another is singing here in town. I wanted to work out but that's looking like a no go either. I don't like to run with a headache.
So anyway, peace out whoever. Space.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Us Who Makes The Noise...

I've been now sauntering out and down a path sometime. Come on it takes me nowhere, which I know...
Who would join me upon this journey to understanding of... any of it all, when there is none to be had?
It is cold outside, the dog has not even been long in the ground, and I feel hunger. Or is it thirst?
Should we play a game with the fanged coven, or just sparkle in the sun as the hushed whispers furtively dart between the tongues and teeth of tweens all giddy from the pregame ritual of memorization and swooneriffic fantasia? I see flickers of radiance in my peripheral vision.
Here in the twilight of my dependence of independence, I proclaim few things.
Gotta take pay for the saint's and sinners in regulation hats and scarves and things.
Walk in formation down the lane, they carry their cross make a church bell ring.
(Bring the army down)
Army majors pull a mean cool truth they're lying by the swimming pool.
Searching for the undeniable truth that a man is just a fool.
Soon to be vanquished to a lukewarm can of Spagetti-O's near you. Or to the cold center of a convenience store microwave burrito, skimped upon by the fickle finger of Time, among other Gawds of the Microwaveable Netherworld...