Sunday, November 18, 2007

And Yet...

Before you worry and fret, always remember,
Yet never forget,
That I am here,
With you always,
I am not like you,
Yet just like you,
In many way,
I wonder, and regret,
Ponder, and preset,
My own brand of evil,
A sensuous procedure,
I mean to be,
Yet falter and fail to see,
The folly of my way...
Will there come a time? Will I have my day?
(Only time will tell...)


A shattered heart in love's debris.
Gone and blown it all away,
How can you say, it doesn't matter much to me....
But it doesn't. How can it? I'm crying out. Save me, darling...

Friday, November 02, 2007

Post Halloween Wrap Up...

If you watch this video, you will see that not only am I a nifty kung fu kicking dancer, I'm not half bad with a little horror make up and a vividly traumatizing imagination...

"Yes, tis..."

Sho nuff!!!

I hadn't planned on doing anything more than just Cindi's Satan costume, but the other two elder children/teenagers kinda looked sad they weren't joining in on the fun. So I went to the store yet again, braving the waves of desperate last minute dawdlers, and found a few things to McGuyver together a little this and that for them...

"Boy, I'll say you did, my good man!!!"

Sho nuff!!!

Man, he's starting to sound like a broken record, ain't he? I've been kinda lazy in my half sickness and will be sure to hit the gym hard starting next week. Hopefully all this goldbricking will make me feel fantastic once I get reset all over again. I just gotta keep telling myself over and over...

"Stay away from those cigarettes, boah..."

Sho nuff!!!

So enjoy my new Halloween gift, from me to you, if ye dare...

Nothing to fear, I mean, just how scary can a video be with Fred Schneider from the B52's singing over it?

"Pretty darn scary, now that we think about it..."

Dood, don't even say it!!!

I was just going to say I agree, geez...