Saturday, October 01, 2011

Diamond in the Rough...

Sometimes I have moments of clarity. True, they are far and few betwixt eons of delusional delusionness...
I want. I really want.
"What does he want?"
No shit, WTF doth he want?
Shall I make a fucking list?
1. To be left the fuck alone. If you do not share blood relations with me, then you are easily replaced. Ok, not easily at times, but you CAN be replaced.
2. Don't try to control me. Sure, I do some stupid things, but I'm pretty tough. I can roll with the punches better than most.
3. I want the letter M stricken from the English language.
4. Ice cream Wednesdays. Why should Hump Day bring a guy like ME down?
5. The road belongs to me. If you happen to be on it at the same time as me, pull over and get the fuck out of my way. This is a strange request as I'm actually a slow driver, but amazingly there are people that are more slower than me.
6. While I'm still semi lucid: More hugs, especially if you're not butt ugly and have huge tig ol' bitties. Nevermind the last part, just hug me.
7. Serial killers: I want to know if they are to blame, or is it society, or is it their upbringing, or are they just bad seeds needing to be bypassed?
8. The radical muslim world and the rest of the world's muslims that are strangely quiet about it all: notice I will NEVER capitalize that word. Sure, white dumbasses kill people, but not with the same flourish as radical muslims. Children? Children? Why? Why ever? Even barbarians were smart enough to replete thier fodder by repletiary repletionness, lol.
9. New words made up, of course by me, should be considered immediate. Fuck ebonics, call this shit RONBONICS.
10. Russell. Almost, buddy, almost. I should've been your wingman; not just to prevent your death, but to influence some of your decisions to not end up as much of a tool as you did. This is between him and I. The rest of you can just fuck off. Keith, who is forever my brother and best friend, needed us. As far as I see it, when you shake a man's hand it is a done deal. I'd never do it back, even in revenge. I'll slit your motherfucking throat, though...
11. A zombie apocalypse. Democrats made the working man wish for this. Sad, indeed...
More to come later when I shuffle some shit around. Lori, if you're still around, please don't stick around for further decomposition. You are the thing I wish. I wish I deserved the right to woo. To woo..............................