Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weed Gawds...

I just found this photo on my laptop, just now even.
Anyhoo, whatever. I just got back from seeing my parental units in Springfield. My Mammy made Schnitzel with baked beans and cucumbers and uhhhhhhh...
Some kind of killer potato salad. It was all the bomb. Yea, amen.
Loved it. Right now I'm jamming to some extended mix stuffs on Youtube. Shake for the Shiek, to be exact. Great song, even better mix. Could've used more guitar like their mix for Wil, Wild West. I liked Escape Club, too bad they didn't have but about two good songs in them. Bummer.
Oh yeah, by the dubs...
I was looking for pipe screens earlier, and lo and behold.
A nice healthy nugg of kush. I have no idea where it came from, and I'm more than happy to oblige.
Thank you, Weed Gawds.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Connecting the Blank Blankety Blanks...

Whee doggies!!!
Man, can't wait to see this when it comes outness...
Watching the new Norm MacDonald podcast with Roseann Barr. I'm normally not a big fan of hers, but he seems to love her, and the conversation is popping. I saw her judging on Last Comic Standing this season, trying to orate her feelings on someone's performance. She was completely off base, and tried to backpedal on her critique. Also, I remember Johnny Rotten's story about nearly being on her show back in the day. Twas not to be, and I bet old Johnny didn't give a flying fuck...
Anyhoo, worked out today. Feeling sickly, though, so not much heat on today's crunch out.
Work sucks.
Not really much going on.
Not seeming to be extremely witty today, either.
Maybe posting was a bad idea.
Back away from me slowly, and do not make eye contact...
Bee tee dubs: Congrats to Germany in the World Cup. Fuck Argentina, and Brazil for that matter. Not the countries, but those players are some dirty ass floppers. Also, wah wahhhhhh on the fans.
Suck it up, there's always four years from now...
Soon NFL will be back. Yay for me. Also, this will make the rest of the wait for The Walking Dead a bit more bearable...
Dot dot dot...

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rotten Luck For All in the World Cup, 'Cept Mein Deutschland...!!!

Guess what I've been doing?
Lounging around like a little piggy, sipping on a nice, tall glass of iced tea?
Nahhhhh, but I've been semi busy, at least.
For one, the World Cup has been pretty dang sweeet. Sadly, I watched Holland go down. I thought they'd smack ass on the Argentinians...
Yesterday, watching Germany annihilate Brazil 7-1 was amazing. I loved it because the Brazilian team is full of smug, camera mugging flop artists.
"Wahhh wahhhhhh, we didn't have Neymar!!!"
Really? One guy gone ends your aspirations? Wow, that's a load of bullschlaka...
So, other than that, just working out daily. Looking great, and feeling amazing. I'm still feeling the pains and aches, but they are lessening. Soon I will be a well oiled machine once again. Trying to stay away from cigarettes, having a hard time, at times. I will conquer, though.
Watched the movie, Tammy, with Melissa McCarthy. I liked it, but we saw it in a completely empty theater, and Susan Sarandon grosses me out. Sorry, don't find her hot, even back in the day.
Ewwww, ginger bush. So grody.
Also, I was getting "fixins" for a salad I was making for my kid, when a fly flew into the refrigerator. I immediately start swatting away at it. Suddenly, another enters forbidden air space. I frantically attempt to shoo them out, and end up raking my fingers deeply through a watermelon half, splattering mein shorts.
This flew me into a rage. I then caught both flies and crushed them. There is only penalty, and that, mein friends, is DEATH, pure and simple.
Anyhoo, I guess things have been fine, but somewhat boring. Even the bullshit I deal with is the same old same old. Assholes abound at work, and they try to cause me grief.
No fucking clue.
Fucking joykillers.
Such is life. I use anger to fuel my workouts, and it really helps.
Anger is an energy, said Johnny...
I can't wait to see Argentina get their come uppance...
Speaking of The Rotten One, wonder who his pick for the win is, and if it is even the same as who he'd actually like to win out of the two?