Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Be Pegged...

What else has he done? Voicework as the Joker on a cartoon. Oh, how far we have fallen.
He hasn't aged well, as hasn't Carrie Fisher. Who knows, I'm... uhhh... I will admit I've masturbated to her in the 80's in that golden bikini, choking the living shit out of Jabba.
Who hasn't?
Sad that he never got any other kind of work. Harry Potter will see the same. The only one who ever broke out was Harrison Ford.
Leave me alone. I'm on a mission to see if there is a horseshoe buried wat up deep in his ayass...
Surrogates earlier tonight. I give it a strong B+. Him being in it dropped it down a notch. The story broght it back up to where it is now. Deal with it.
"Controlling, she says..."
I call bullshit.
Yet what good does it do in the end?
Exactly. Amazingly, right now the only voice in my head is my own. Who is there in the end? Ask yourself that in regards to your own life.
How righteous are your morals?
I would love to hear what someone who read this through from the beginning interprets this.
I bet they would totally misinterpret this.
This is a pining.
This is remorse.
The end of pity, of mourning.
"A rebirth?"
Unless I stop breathing, it is PUNCH OR GET OUT until I die. Headache/heartache is something that seems to be a concurrent them in my life. I guess I'm deadset on not giving up.
"She said you're trouble."
The Devil.
What us the most fucked up

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am the craziest person I know. I will erase this tomorrow or whenever. Right now I can't even see straight. I'm so fucked up right now, if I left this unedited you'd have no idea, as wouldn.t I, as wouldn't I, as wouldn't I...
Fuck the Joker, I am the New World Madman. I await further instruction...
Punch or get out...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And They're Off!!!

Well, the first game of the season is in the books, and it seems my beloved Chiefs were not on the winning end of it all.
At all.
Not true, and I'm sure all the football guys will fail to notice that KC hung in there until about three minutes left in the game. The stats and final score are a bit misleading. The commentators and the referees were pretty much against us, and it was thinly veiled at times. I will say we held our own for most of the game, and didn't look bad at all. After next week with Oakland, we will easily be 1-1. We could've used this win, but worse things could've happened.
Cassell better be worth 65 million.
And he better be zinging footballs like a madman next week. We need an air game, they ran alot at first. Open the field up a bit first. Then lob one off to the side and let Larry Johnson do what he does best.
And no, I'm not talking about spitting on chicks at the local nightclub.
Fuck Ray Lewis, and that Flacco guy, too. Whoever was calling the game had nothing but gushy, gooey things to say about those guys. I thought KC had a better defense at times than the Ravens. That safety should've counted, and maybe they would've went for two on that first touchdown. That crap changed completely how the game turned out.
I do believe KC has a really good chance at turning out pretty darn good, espicially after hanging in there with Baltimore like they did.
Hope Haley stays on their butts. Hope Cassell takes command. Hope, hope, hope.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

One of my favorite movies of all time. I really think this needs a reboot. I read all the Destroyer books way back when, and they need, need, need, a reworking. Unfortunately, Fred Ward was the perfect man for the jerb. Remo was the perfect man for the jerb, he just didn't give a fuck. I love this movie, I loved the books. Why can't they make this happen?

Friday, September 04, 2009

No Picture to Share...

Monetize. Just what the fuck does that mean?
And just how much is a human life worth? I'm trying to sort through this shit myself.
I will feel again when our lips touch,
I will feel again, I promise,
I will feel again when it doesn't mean much,
I will feel again when there are things I miss.
I will feel again when my life isn't so chaotic,
I will feel again when it doesn't hurt to feel,
My face feels a tick,
My face feels as if not real,
at times,
My fucking life,
It makes me sick.
I'm good , though, dood. Dood. Dood.
I love how when you are at your lowest point everyone up and leaves you. You are worthless. Ha, am I?
I want to scream, I want to hit things. No one seems to be on my side. This is the worst time of my life, but I will be ok. In the end I will be emotionless. I will be like the rest of you. I will(not) think of only myself. I will(not) be motivated by greed. I will(not) be true to the earning of a buck. (Not) (Not).
I saw the Time Traveller's Wife. It was really good. I cried like three times. I saw many parallels in my life, without the love he had. And I broke my finger. It really fucking hurts and I have no recollection of how I did it. I woke up today and my foot hurt, and they were superdirty. I took my kid to the doctor today and I noticed my feet. Looks like a dirty hippy who trampled through a field of shit.
Such is my life, so who cares, right?
I think I'm going crazy sometimes, or am I just feeling? I am so used to being alone, and not caring. I can't even cry anymore. When I don't care, we are all in big trouble. It is much more than just not shaving or cutting my hair. I shuffle my feet, I look at people, yet I don't match eyes.
Like a butterfly, I will open up, I will...
I will.
Then what?