Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Left Alone...

I have nothing to share today, like it's any kind of surprise. I admit defeat.
"I surrender."
Once again, I roll the dice, and come up with snake eyes.
Kneel before Zod.
Most often, when you let down your guard, and open things, and places...
You are already lost before it has began.
Pride, even in the name of love, is wrong. So fuck you Bono. I just thought I'd throw that in.
But once again, I've thrown myself in front of the bus that is...
My only crime is being the new millenium's Peter Pan, never...
I guess the only way is up now?
"But the floor smells so nice."
Mmmm, and shag, too.
I'm tired of deluding myself. I should get out more, get some sun, get some food in me. Liquid. Flavor. I need a babysitter, but who'd want the jerb? I'm most definitely a handful. And not nearly as charming in person. I bring nothing but badness to the table.
Flavor. Charm. Idiocy. I shoulda been a fratboy. Guys gone wild.
W00t. Disregard this message.