Friday, February 19, 2016

Gulping 'Em Dizzown...

Sup, dawgs. 
I saw Deadpool last night. It was ok, but no idea why everybody is squirting their creamcheesiness all over it. 
I guess we all forgot about Van Wilder...
On vacation this week, which is almost over. Sucks for me, I gotta go back to Pretendland again.
Two weeks of 12 hour shifties, and probably 6-7 days a week. 
I need to find a way out of this crapfest, I needz moneys, honeyz.
I should at least be semi well rested. I have slept soooooooo much this week.
If only to drift off into eternal blessed silence...
Wish I was interesting again, but alas. 
I love the fact that I really just don't listen to loud music anymore, or even at all most of the time...
So funny. I spent around five hours on the road on Monday, and didn't realize no music had been played until I was almost home. Oh wellz...
Still dead inside, yet starting to see the benefits of it. 
Soul half empty, or half full...?

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