Friday, January 29, 2016

Unholy Bungholiness...

Ha, I look like a crazy person guy. This was taken earlier today at work, on the verge of having my first two day weekend in awhile. Sooooooooo wore out and tired of that shit.
Ugh, I just wish it was all over, and I was rich and never had to work ever again. Ever. Grody to the max...
I was starving for some damned white chicken chili. I didn't bring anything that day, and had to smell it cooking while my stomach shriveled up. Anyhoo...
Blergha blergh, flippity flop floop. You know, I hate that I come on here all wanting to ooze everything out to this blergha blog, but then I get cold feetsies. Anyway, I look thinner in this picture. I've been walking in place and shit like that on the line, four hours a day to be exact. We are going back to the gym tomorrow, though. I'm ready to finish what I started and get huge. I've done a pretty good jerb losing alot of the fat. Can't make my face any better than what it probably isn't, but I can make the rest a thang of marvel...
So, I'm just working all of the time. Maybe tomorrow I will return here to further babble about silliness and the occasional injustices of a cruel, cruel world of buttholiness.
Wah wahhh.


Anonymous said...

When can I get banned here?
Ask me how.
By making you get banned in hpotd,don't ever mention me there
for own g damn sake(scuse me)
Fiance pussywhipped me on cussin then she died on me
I always cuss then give myself a pardon via AUDIO.
You duran duran likin mofo!
My lil sister probaly toyed herself to their cassette
SAY A PRAYER 400 times I heard that shit thru the hallway.
blowing this forest fire smell off me I cooked 3 pieces of ribeye in smoke grill then the wind died on me like always(hour to get back hot)before right temp.
Failed ignition take of great white north beauty way to go,...Ehh

G to the L your turn BBG (reaches for bag)

Anonymous said...

Good grief I cannot stand Sharon Osbourne's voice.
Surprised Ozzy hasn't killed himself.

Confers with feline superiors.

Quarlo Kobrigny nmdm 67 43 76 43
(name rank and clone farm)

find the enemy!

ht tps://
Thers one ladle of old school sci fi
RonCo(used to be able to find the whole thing but now wtf?)

ht tps://

Anonymous said...

Don't run we are your friends
hahaha big bowl
ht tps://
Ron O' Matic

Anonymous said...

Hahahah nuclear ditchweed
(pot grows wild in ditches here as well as 18"
long asparagus)Asparagus more valuable nutritionally
Wo you can never get so low when yer so damn high

I have been pickling and canning cabbage
broccoli carrots n most of all Asparagus N

Make me a Turkey
shazam yer zactly that.