Friday, October 04, 2013


Can anyone here in the void guess what music video this is from? The only hint is that it starts with bells.
Wonder if, as I scroll down through my life hopefully many years in the thither, I will even remember what it was exactly myself. I will probably be all like, "Who the fuck are those people, and where is my pudding?!?"
So I will never tell...
Anyhoo, not doing anything tonight. I was planning to go see a movie, but ehhhh.............
Mmmmm, some frozen Reese's Pieces do sound good, though. Me wantses. Must eatses.
We needses...
Kind of hungry now. I had Subway earlier when I got home. Admittedly, it was a foot long, but that was like at 5. It is now 10:30pm, so suck it.
Say cheese, baby.
So I'm waiting to get paid, hopefully the government will get their shit together. WTF?!?
Not sure, but we may be getting a settlement from them anyhoo, so if it is true, then it'd take a bit of the sting out of it. A few thousand or three would be nice, but no need to hold back.
Let it rain, bitches.
Ha, I forgot I was blogging for a bit. Went outside with the dog, smoked a cigarette, all that.
Now I'm all out of steam. I hear music, and stupidity abounding. I would like to snack out on something special, and then conk out. Doesn't look like that's going to happen...

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