Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Only Friend, The End...

Howdy folks...
Been away for awhile, due to messed up internet. Thought I'd splooge all over this blog real fast.
Saw Let Me In. It wasn't bad, and Hit Girl was awesome in it. A- to be sure.
Work still sucks, I have to work at another plant tomorrow. Wish I didn't but at least it's not miles and miles away this time.
I will probably have to hook up another modem soon, this one has a built in router. I just hate messing with it all. Give me my porn now!!!
Also, Vampire Wars is pretty boring now that they've pussed out the game. I think I will quit soon and dump that account.
Boring, boring. But I'm working through the mope and almost imagining I see a tiny pinprick of hope. Things are better, but I'm still a little tender.
I have a friend/dealer that always wants to hang out. He reminds me of my friend Jay. There is always some kind of catch when you're with him. I prefer to toke alone for this reason. He calls me daily, I find myself avoiding him at work or anywhere else.
I need ME time. End of story...
Back off, world.

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