Monday, October 11, 2010

Dark Days Indeed...

You know what that white stuff is on top of birdshit?
It's birdshit, too. Actually, it's probably their urine or whatever. Chickens have the same thing.
Who gives a fuck, right?
I just finished rereading The Invisible Man again, all on the toilet. Take that how you will, but he's a great writer. So is Michael Moorcock. Darkness...
Look deeply into mein eyes. Know that they search over your contemptible carcass with disdain. I hate you. I want to bathe in your juices. I want to dance with you as mein lifeless puppet.
Dirty brown...
Floppin' around...
Puffed up and bloated when the sun goes down...
So my beloved Chiefs are no longer undefeated, which is fine since they are doing way better than everyone thought. They are still in first place in their division, so suck it haters.
I made a giant deer chili Saturday. It was very spicy and wow. Ass dribblin's galore for the weak/week.
What else?
Soon to straighten a bunch of crap out. Wonder what it will bring with it?
Torn on a daily basis, inside and out/literally and metaphorically.
To want for yourself is often considered crime, one that is paid for to the very end.
The only other choice is to outlive.
Or outdistance...
Or outsource.

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