Friday, March 30, 2007

Giving Up the Goat: No Meat Fridays!!!

Can't get any on Friday because your old lady is Catholic and has decided you must do without as she is, for our Lord and Saviour...?
Well, do what any reasonable man would when looking at a pitched tent a few minutes after 12 early early Friday...
Set the clock back twenty minutes or so.
It works too, I'm sated, she's still within the boundaries of her religion, and Lil Beavis is fast asleep yet again! The only thing I feel bad now about is lying and saying I wasn't coming back here again afterwards. But there may be others out there in a similar predicament!
"That's the longest it's ever taken you to make a sammich, boah!!!"
Ok, ok, I'll give up the goat for now, but tomorrow we shall talk of safaris...

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