Monday, February 19, 2007

Beep Beep, FutherMucker!!!

Since my favorite all time forum, CrapTV, is lost to me for the moment, I shall now share with you my listening choices of late. I basically filched the complete Cars discography from my sister, and burnt it onto a data cd, to shuffle around endlessly. I never realized they were anything more than cheese since they only showed them getting all wacky in their videos, and Ric Ocasek usually sang the lead vocals. and he's one creepy looking dude...
"So lets GO!!!"
I always preferred Benjamin Orr's voice myself. He is the reason I'd gotten onto the thought of really checking them out, then I found out he died in 2000.
So I proceeded to scarf up youtube videos of them, and got my hands on the expanded debut album.
And proceeded to be... blown... away!!!
I never realized some of those songs were even by them. And that guitar player is a left handed god. To really get the full effect of these guys, you'd have to hear it all in order. Skip the reunion 1987 album or the New Cars, I burnt it for nothing other than anal completeness. I bet seeing these guys in concert would have been mindblowing. Tis sad it will never happen now...
Rest in Peace, Ben. Heard he played a final show then succumbed to cancer only six days later.
"Way to DRIVE it home..."
One last time.


Jaysus said...

Fuck Ric Ocasek and his band of autos!!! I am going to go see The Police on July 2nd in St. Louis......can't fucking wait!!!!

Graveh said...

Silence your bleating, Tur-r-r-rtly Man. I will possibly see the Policia as well, with any luck. And I will continue to love the Cars. You cannot stop this from being.

BigMomma3502 said...

I would wet myself if I could be in the same building as the Police.