Saturday, January 13, 2007

Primeval Kroks and Shit, Yo!!!

I'm gonna spoil it right here for you: It's not about a serial killer, like they insinuate in the teaser trailer. It's about a really big crocodile, I have no idea how much is true, and some local guerilla shit going down in some African shithole, I read Hutus in there, so whatever floats your boat.
It was ok but it pisspoured all the way to and from the theater, and apparently we need new wiper blades, badly in fact. So it was interesting enough to warrant a B - perhaps? Not bad, the action was pretty spot on brutal but any movie about a crocodile with Orlando Jones "blackin' it up" on the side in spite of his predicament, just doesn't deserve the kind of love an A would give.
And that wouldn't be fair. It was watchable at least, I'll give it that.
The last Gator/Croc movie I saw had Betty White in it, and that's kinda hard to top.
Werd, yo.
All up in dat.

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