Saturday, October 07, 2006

Crosses on the Forehead Advertise Nothing...

Death is everywhere
There are flies on the windscreen
For a start
Reminding us
We could be torn apart

Death is everywhere
There are lambs for the slaughter
Waiting to die
And I can sense
The hours slipping by

Death is everywhere
The more I look
The more I see
The more I feel
A sense of urgency

Come here (Touch me)
Kiss me (Touch me)
(Touch me)

I am boredsy and without adult supervision. Nothing to do. Crosses in blood on the forehead.
"Makes sense. don't it?"
Take the things you love...
And make them better!

What am I trying to do
What am I trying to say
I'm not trying to tell you anything
You didn't know
When you woke up today
Is full of surprises
It advertises

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