Saturday, September 19, 2015

The End of the Pooper Scoopage...?

Sup, dawgs? Great, great. Oh, me?!?
Ehhhhh, trying to figure how I'm going to make it on my lonesome. Trying to figure out how I'm going to fix all the shittiness that living with a psychotic bitch caused. I guess I'm going to try to get as much overtime to get me back in the black enough to cut her from my teat. As far as caring what happens to her afterwards...
I really don't anymore. She can drink herself to death while laying in a pile of her own shit.
Right now I have no idea why I'm even bothering with sharing this, other than that I am still awake at 6:23 am. I just couldn't sleep after fighting with her late last night. It's not a "I still love you and miss you" thing, It's just wishing I was already past the whole long, painful road ahead times...
The promotion I got doesn't start until February, but they are going to start paying me Monday. Hopefully, I will get shit tons of overtime to help the healing process, and bring me back to the former glory. As far as EVER having another woman in my life...
I already live a loveless life, and am quite used to it. As far as P-tang, it easily found. I'm sure most will want to latch on to me, but all I gots to say is...
Oh, hellz naw!!!
She passed out cursing and swearing horrible things that she is going to do to me.
Will she remember these things? I'm sure she will stay hidden in the bedroom trying to think how she will avoid dealing with this, but I don't plan on letting shit slide anymore. I guess I will have to quit smoking bud awhile, which is fine with me. It is time to clean out anyway.
Maybe that is the theme of this post: Cleaning out the bad shit in my life once and for all.
I see people happy in life, and sometimes I want the same. I have a friend that posts pictures of him and his wife actually DOING things together. They also have something strange going on with their mouths, I recollect it was called smiling.
I used to do this alot. I also used to do things like: have fun, laugh, enjoy things and people around me. I would like to do this again someday. I just don't want to be attached to someone else to do it.
Travel, experiencing anything and everything.
Ok, not everything...
I don't plan on taking one up the pooper.

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