Saturday, June 01, 2013

Taco Fiesta...

Not exactly sure what this is all about, but I lack for a captivating photo. This'll have to do.
May must've whizzed right by, because I only posted three times. I meant to do more, but what are you going to do about it?
You can't quit me.
The females of the tribe are at some shindig for chicks only, which is fine by me.
I'd rather not...
I need to find something on Netflix and snuggle in with myself on the couch. I bought a giant thing of strawberries I plan on nom nomming on later. Wish I had something interesting to say. Lame.
Haven't drank in five months now. Also still staying somewhat slim. Seeing alot of movies. Now You See Me was awesome. A+ all the way.
Errrrrr, my parents are in Germany. I see and read about cool places. Would love to go again someday. Maybe I will. Who knows? Don't tell me what to do.
Ugh, I came into this with good intentions, but I have nothing. I feel like the net just sucks. The world just sucks. Everything just sucks.
I wonder if it will all just cycle around again, where I once again love the world and shit. And when...
Anyhoo. I will have some shit next time. And if I don't, then I'll make some cray cray for me to say say...
Peace out, nugga$$$.