Sunday, January 30, 2011

You And Me In Pink Lights...

So come the evening,
I'm out on the dunes, looking for a token, something to prove...
All I remember is more than a flame...
In my fantasy fire.
In comes the morning,
I'm stood in my track, looking at the reasons, for me to head back...
So unexpected, the kindness you've shown,
That I will not forget it.
Whatever I've done to receive, whatever I need to redeem, whatever you say, even if I wait a lifetime...
I know, I swear, if you leave a light on, if you leave a light on for me,

I'll come there,
You can leave a light on for me.
You breathe the will into the weak,
And coax the cage bird to fly free,
You ease the lost cause out of me,
With your sweet hand to bring me home...
I'm not alone.
I know, I swear...
If you leave a light on, if you leave a light on for me,
I'll come there.
You can leave a light on for me...
I'm not sure how to take this, but this a new, fantastic twist and turn in the life of the...
Sure, I'm scared of alot of things, and reassurances be damned.
"He doth."
Doth he?
"Methinks he do."
Lori, let's owe it to ourselves. Let's just let.
Not sleeping dogs lie,
Let them stir,
And go to war.
Proclaim intent...
And win.
And overcome,
The old me...
The old you.
Let us go to war, and WIN.
Win what we deserve. Win what we need. What we deserve... in life.
To live.
In love.


Glori said...

I love you. But how long must I wait? If you truly love me, find a way. Everyday that goes by that I don't hear from you, my heart breaks a little more. Find a way...

Graveh said...

You think it doesn't kill me every fucking day? My life is lived through fantasy or my death, with you. The things i want are but a pinhole to me right now. I want more, I crave. I CRAVE. I want,I need... to survive. I'm tired of hiding away.
I am pessimistic right now, I hate myself right now. I HATE myself. I feel like you are so beautiful, and I am the ugly beast.

Glori said...

Don't stop fighting for us, Baby. Don't. We can get through this and it will only make us stronger. I love you. With all my heart. Don't stop believing in us. We will be together, I promise. And you're not "the ugly beast." You're my white knight. Come take me away. All we have is now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-signed on to Facebook to this:

Hey this is Ronnies wife. Leave my FUCKING husband alone! You're a fucking bitch! I'm tired of your shit! You're ruining this family! So fucking leave us alone! Get somebody else! He has fucking kids! You're ruining them! Did you know one is suicidal? Did you? Stay the fuck away from my husband, because I find out this shit! I know everything. I know Ronnie doesn't fucking love you! I hope you know he tells his daughter you mean nothing to him! That he loves his daughter his son and HIS FUCKING WIFE! FUCKING READ THAT RIGHT! HIS FUCKING WIFE! You're starting to piss me off now, so leave us a fucking alone!

February 6 at 11:54pm Report
P.S. my daughter says burn in fucking hell.

Not to mention the voicemails and the texts. Oh and since she decided to hack your FB, she blocked me as well.