Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here Comes Da Judge, Here Comes Da Judge...

Whee doggies!!!
My net has been fritzing out on me of lates, so this post better not be for naught.
Anyhoo, saw Resident Evil whatever. Twas mighty inebriated, and fell asleep for about half of it. What I do semi remember was that it was kind of lame. Bummer. It'll make alot of money and they'll do another crappy one. I want a reboot, but like the games...
I would be happy if they made movies like Regeneration and started from the beginning. Get good actors to do voices, perfect even for making them in 3D.
I would love it. I thought the gloomy, grungy feel of video style in RE4 was the bomb. Of course they would have to polish it up a little, but dayumn. Anything is better than the shit they are pulling now. Geeeez.
So anywaysssss.....
Just kicking back here alone. And wow, I've been posting alot more here lately. It would've been more if it wasn't for my net. Nothing worse than typing a lengthy heartfelt post and then hitting enter and...
So yeah, as you can tell I'm bored. Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was lame as usual. Shitty food, long wait. Best to get buzzed before you order. I didn't have that option but I toked up as best as I could on short notice. Their wingies taste like shit, but I got some black and bleu burger thangie. All I'm gonna say is, "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh."
They're just lucky I was really hungry. Their Bloody Mary's are lame too. Yuck, tabasco sauce. I prefer Tapatio and alot of pepper.
I may have to raid the kitchen later and MacGuyver the shit out of some food. I'm that good.
Ta-ta for now, if I think of anything worthwhile, I will say howdy doo once again. Need inspiration.
Need some Charles in Charge season 2.
Don't judge me.

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