Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hostelities in My Nether Regions...

I saw Hostel last night, but was busy doing nothing, so I didn't post it last night. Sue me.
It was ok, I give it a B. The brunette who cuts the guys weener off in the end is pretty sweet too, and kinda petite. Thankfully it wasn't as much tits and ass as the other movie was. Good special effects, I just wish they would have spent more time in the rooms, doing what they do best.
Oh well.
"It was better than Pirates 3..."
So yeah, I've been busy, and I've got two weeks of schooling I have to go to soon. It's gonna be tough to hang around on the net maybe, my brain might swell, and I will need to rest that said weary head...

I read the local sheriff's department's jail roster, with accompanying mug shots, on a daily basis. I was wondering just what the heck is wrong with this lady's face! Has she been arab drifting with it? Is this road rash, roseatia, or the worst frickin' acne I ever did seen?!?!?!
A word to the wise:
"Don't blow homeless guys."
Forgive them Father...

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