Wednesday, December 13, 2006

En Garde, Honkie!!!

I figured out how to keep unwanted lips off your food at work, I don't eat anything anyone else likes. I can remember a day when all I had to eat was a package of those orange colored peanut butter crackers.
"And some motherfucker ate em!!!"
Not cool...
I starved that day, thanks to some heartless bastard. But this is no longer a problem for me. I work with a bunch of country, well fed peoples now. My lunch today consisted of:
1 Banana, still kinda green
1 Apple, green and a bit tarty
1 can Southwest Chicken Vegetable soup
1 can Sardines
1 Yogurt, blueberry
If my lunchbox had Cheezits, or any kind of pastry thing filled or unfilled, or anything edible by the non-healthy-conscious kind, it'd be pilfered regularly. But I often like to bring whole fish to work and watch them squirm. That's right, head and all. Still the same fish, tastes good too. No one touches my lunch now. This actually works better than the plan I tried last time, where I brought most of my food from the Asian market.
Yes, delicious bamboo caterpillars, fried to shoestring potato perfection! I tried the crickets, but they weren't as good. They also had an interesting assortment of canned fishes of many flavors, many most kick ass as I have tried them and felt pleasure in eating them. Yea. Amen.
It is bedtime, and although I really didn't have a set purpose for coming here, I feel better already. It is nice to wing it just this once.
"Ok ok, who am I kidding here?"
Like the Greatest American Hero...
On a wing and a prayer, baby...

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