Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scrapin' the Bottom of the Barrel...

So it's 12:30 in the am and I'm extremely baked and bored, near bedtime. Listening to more parts of the complete Erasure discography (Other People's Songs at the moment), being piece fed to me daily. Which is fine with me, I get to get acquainted again with fantastic music day to day, hour to hour, all that jazz...
"Or should I say POP?"

I guess I could rip on Kramer, but look at the poor guy. Practically bending over backwards to apologize over flipping out on some real winners who were harrassing him first. I also heard them shouting racial slurs at him as well.
Cracker Ass!!!
Look, I'm not saying what he did and said was right. But geez, if you actually spent money to go see Kramer do his famous catchphrases and do the popping noise with his mouth while he does the headjerk and freaks out, and you want him to lay some heavy George Carlin shit on you, then you are a fucking moron. And you should leave without a refund, chalking this one up to an experience learned from. Simple as that. It's like going to see Carrot Top, though I don't know why you would, and bitching that he uses too many props and is extremely annoying.
So hate Kramer/ Michael Richards all you want. He is an oddball, but I loved him in UHF as Stanley Spadowski with his trusty mop. Or anything I've ever seen him in. He's actually the only thing I've ever found funny about Seinfeld.
"The Junior Mints episode!"
That's a good one. I saw his Letterman apology and he looks like a pretty whack dood, yo. By the way...
If he is so washed up and has beened, why is he such big news then, you sick fucks? Shouldn't you be moved on to the next Pamela Anderson divorce? I enjoyed seeing him flake out onstage. Will he be as unforgiven as Mel?
"The tequila scarfing Joo hater?"
The voices are crowding in tonight, signing that it is time for blissful slumber. I will have to be up in four hours...

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