Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes? Ebert? Italian Meatloaf? Muthaf**kin' Planes?

Well, I must say, I'm flabbergasted and at a loss for words.
"Why?" you ask.
Snakes on a MUTHAFUCKIN plane!
That's why!!!
Shaft was in there too. How fitting, as I felt quite shafted myself.I had planned on seeing World Trade Center but Snakes was rated R, and I didn't want to leave any kids' eyes and ears unprotected. And it started way later, about thirty minutes. So I spent about an hour and forty minutes looking up at the sky (through the cinema ceiling) and asking the gods how they could let something like this happen. He also throws out a random M.F filled rant about said Mutha-lovin' snakes on said Mutha-lovin' plane. My kids loved it.
Hopefully they will grow out of it...
Hey, I used to love the shit outta Knight Rider so...
I'm already hearing talk of sequel, maybe Hasselhoff can sign up and dust off his acting chops for us so the Germans can quit hogging him all to themselves.
So it's my berfday. I'm hopefully going to eat at Johnny Carino's tonight, they are way better than Olive Garden. They also serve this bread with the oil and some kind of seed thingies, and the calamari is the bomb. I will gorge. Eyelids will grow heavy.
Then sleep will overtake me for awhile...

I saw a picture of Roget Ebert, he looks like a handpuppet in that suit. It is also creeping the hell out of me.
In the words of Keanu:
"Cancer? Whoa!"
Time to pass the ball, Rodge. I'm open, baby!!!!
Over here!!!
Wanna see my creds?
Hey, I gave this turd a twiddling thumbs down. How's that?

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