Saturday, June 24, 2006

"What's At the End of the Rainbow?" asks Walken?

"Nothin' but Corn Flakes."
Words of wisdom from the man hisself. Finally saw Click at, get this, 4:20 pm. Very foretelling of things to come. The movie was great. Cameos by Swardson as Bed and Bath Creepazoid and Schneider as King Habib-Bu were hilarious. But this movie had great heart. "Yeah, yeah," you say, "Probably Sandler getting mad and yelling at everybody then talking in that voice he does to some inanimate object whilst doing some sort of jig."
If this was you, then I suggest you eat the nice peanut butter and broken glass sandwich I made for you. I like the Sandman however he shows up. He's proving now that he can truly step up and "put the big pants on" characterwise. Watching this was more than just dick and fart jokes. Oh, so much more than that. I saw people hug their loved ones a little closer walking out of that theater, and that can't be a bad thing, can it? It's just another one of those signs, like the Jerry Reed song I'm hearing now (Smell the Flowers), telling me to get in there and duke it out, never give up hope, blah blah blah. But it was nice, quite a bit of it was serious fare too. Felt like it succeeded where Spanglish failed. I give this movie a solid A.
Walken was the bomb, as always. He never fails to entertain and spout out blurbs of wisdom in his trademark voice. I learn so much from him, whether about the Moors and Sicilians, or even the Lucky Charms guy. I really wish he WAS running for president. He'd have them shaking in their boots and you just know the speeches would knock 'em dead. He is simply Walken. Also, in preparation for the movie, I perused the Sandler site and, among other videos, came across one where he was showing his skills on the "skins" and looking sharp. Something clicked and I went to my kids drum set. I tried out some ideas and ended up learning a few new things, which is awesome. I can keep a beat, that's good enough for me for now. Thanks for that, Sandooski!
Here's to number one movie of the week...

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