Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Great GRAVEHtrain, Captain Kirk!!!

This would make a kickass album remixed and reinterpreted by yours truly. I know, I know, the "Shat", as I like to call him, is man enough for the job. But imagine taking that raw man-beef exuding voice of poise and "its-gonna-be-all-right-ness" and smothering it in the creamy goodness that is the GRAVEH.
What a duo we would make, rivalled only by the great Hall & Oates, nay possibly even surpassing and usurping the title of "Best Pop Duo of ALL TIME"
I had a really witty and engaging review of the recently released dvd, Running Scared, starring that "fresh faced" Fast & Furious douchemonger, Paul something. Due to Blogger problems, this entire post was erased.
So, in summation...
It sucked. He turns out to be a cop in the end, fakes his death, and stands laughing last in the doorway at the end. The end. Extremely bloody, and Pulp Fictionlike in its delivery. F.
Also, dont see The New World with Colin Farrell. He DOESN'T get the big lipped Indian girl in the end, Batman does. It was as gay as the cover on the box, I should have listened to intuition. Also an F. Blockbuster STILL has no copies of the new Underworld in yet. I've never been able to stay awake through the original though. Will the sequel be any better? Will I record the Shatner album and be lauded with panache and baubles?
Tune in tomorrow...

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