Thursday, May 25, 2006

ROD says,"Even the President...

Needs PASSION! Today's episode WILL NOT be about El Presidente OR that flaming, talentless douche bag that prances around in pink asking," Do ya? Huh? Do ya think I'm, ya know, SEXY?!?!?!" Rod Stewart blows, he is forevermore banished to anywhere but HERE.
I'm talking about PASSION. I just don't feel like I have any at all. In fact, I'm not sure if I even have enough to finish this postie. So little, that I got up and had a bowl of Corn Chex. How's that? I feel like there's something missing in everything. What is it? WHERE is it? When the fudge is it gonna swing around MY way?
Where is the wine, the new wine, dying on the vine? I bet I know what Jim Morrison would do in this dilemma. Some SMACK!
At work today, it was more of the same WITH a few extra breaks thrown in there due to timing problems on the line. That and the fact that the maintenance guys are a bunch of twits. Can you say CRANK ADDICTION, kids? They keep getting fired stealing ammonia from the tanks to make it. Not sure how it all works but I can make "ghetto" crank out of Vicks Inhalers. Not that I'd want to. So, anyway...
I spend the whole day listening to some chick talk about her drunken husband, who bears a striking resemblance to Dwight Yoakam's DOYLE HARGROVE character from SLING BLADE. She kind of reminds me of the chick too, now that I ponder it thus...
This PRIMUS is so perfect now with the babbliness of my thoughts. Wish this blog had a soundtrack. So if you want to pretend play along WITH me then lets set sail on the SEAS OF CHEESE together.
'Ere. Suck on THIS!

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