Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Then the Shrooms Kicked In...

 What's the matter, clown?
Turn that frown upside down, clown.
I guess he finally realized that fun for some is work for others.
And such is life.
Do you wipe off the make up and get a real jerb?
Or do you trick the boys into putting on the handcuffs...?
And then the garrote.    

Went to eat Chizznizz with my niece and nephew and parents on Saturday but it was lame-o. Yesterday was my child's 16th birthday.
Oh, what fun we didst haveth...
Today I showed off my skillz at work, as far as union steward goes. And yes, I do spell skillz with a Z.
Then we had rail dust problems on the chickens and we shut down for over two hours. 
That would be great if it didn't mean we'd be going home over two hours later for our troubles. 

I'm bushed and my feet hurt. 
I'm smushed into the dirt.
I'm battered and torn.
I need to be reborn.
I'm dying.
To live.
Not palms up.
But to give.
A damn about it all.
And learn how to crawl.
And stand again proud.
And brush off the shroud.
Of impending doom.
And unending gloom.
And brighten the room.

Suck it.
Don't they taste like feet?

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