Friday, November 12, 2010

Me Hate You Hate Me Hate You Hate Me...

From the cleansing of the soul comes...
The power of Persuasion?
Alot of realities realised. Alot of thoughts being thought and...
Rejected. My brain processes aren't like most, yet they are as basic as anyone else. I'd guess you'd call them unique or more than a tste for the bland. In the end, everything has been done before.
Had I lived thousands upon thousands of years, I'd be a prophet. You'd turn an ear, you'd be apt to have your ears stand on end, let alone the end of your hairstrands...
You know what I mean now.
I found the great unreleased Adam Ant album around the same time as I lost my mind and pride I thought was unloseable. Funny, I know, right?
Have I lost my creativity? Let me know if you've seen it.
To have the world at your feet is to expect to end up at that very spot.
If you think this is a wrestling match with my faith, you are sorely wrong and should exit stage left immediately.
It is more an understanding of my current place and station in life, yet a yearning for more. To break out and strike it rich...
For the last couple of years at least I've been confusing downtroddeness with fury over mein own complacency.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
I will figure this out, fix it, and show you the results. I'm so mad at myself right now. I meant good always, yet lost touch/faith in myself.
Things that I promise to myself:
I will stop killing my future.
I will slow the fuck down.
I will look people in the eye and kill them... metaphorically.
I will learn to shut my bitch ass mouth.

In the end, I'm well liked because I am brutally honest, even to myself. Am I alone? Probably not, but it will be squeezed out of you. It will be dashed upon the rocks of reason and reality. Trust me, I was once like, maybe even a little more ready to leap...
Never leapt, I am too scared to reveal myself to the likes of anyone that could ever hurt me with the knowledge they possess. Cryptic fucker, ain't I?
I reach out my hand, do you take it?
Do you cringe, or make a fatal mistake?
Do you glow, do you glitter?
Do you have that new car smell?
Like a bull in a China shop...

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