Monday, October 18, 2010

Eggs Benedict Arnold...

Soon I have to skeedaddle but I will ramble at you for a few...
Some idiotic bitch tried to get me in trouble for putting for the suggestion that we should put exploding chips in the brainstems of illegal immigrants we catch which will detonate upon further crossings of the border.
Somebody's gotta come up with ideas here. I'm just spitballing. Anyway, said bitch trying to make me look all racial up in this piece.
Now, at least, I can say I hate one Mexican...

Chiefs lost again, on a bad fucking call. Somehow they are still on top of the division. Also, my Missouri Tigers moved up to 11 in the rankings while Arkansas dropped down almost where they belong...
In the toilet.
I have to go to my daughter's choir concert in a bit and am finishing up a nice little bake out session. Sounds better stoned as long as they don't do any more fucking Glee crap. Who the fuck really likes that shit?
I didn't like it the first time around when it was called Fame and Leroy wore supertight pants to show his package off to all the other prancing girlyboys.
OK, now not against gay people, just saying. If your kid likes this crap, worry.
Wonder what scared my parents? I like Olivia Newton John and the Pet Shop Boys...
Didn't take much to assure my parents Graveh was about ze poonanny.
Just a nice pair of footprints on the inside of my sunroof.
High five.

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