Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's MISShappenin' with Mesus?

It's finally time to come down off my cross. I've martyred myself long enough. It's time to come back...
"Back with a vengeance?"
Chuck Norris style, my friend!
Realizations, realizations. What can you do? Go on, and hope. Dare to dream even?
I know it's never so bad. I just go off the deep end sometimes in my thoughts. I may dig deeper into my resolve, or continue to work out hard and punish the demons in my head until they are gone once again. Change is due in my life though.
"Pain is a great motivator..."
Yeah yeah yeah, misery is optional. I've never bought into that bullshit. I will McGuyver the shit out of this thing called life and once again hold it by the balls.
There can be only ONE!
I said McGuyver, not MacLeod...
(The Highlander, for those of you don't know it...)

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