Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rush SAW Fox in the Matrix of Horror ...

I saw SAW III last night.
"I done seen it!"
And we, the people, found it to suck.
I give it an F. It is the Matrix of horror films. Alot of hype for a film about a whole lot of nothing. Lots of mindless dialogue, and his unflinching rules for "playing the game." Had some good effects in there, and the trailer for Hostel 2 was in German so it wasn't a total loss. I just didn't buy into the Saw movies like everyone else apparently did.
"But... but... it's the best new thing in gore since scream!"
I'm not believing it. I need new stuff like Slither...
Now that's an instant classic!
Another instant classic: Anything that had Michael J Fox in it in the 80's. And the Frighteners. Can't forget that one. So I happen upon the commercial with him in it. Wow, I can't believe this is what he's been put through. He's got so much passion for, and a great argument for too, stem cell research. I also SAW, hehe, the Rush Limbaugh video of him acting like Mike. Wow again. I used to like him, but this is yet another reason why I no longer do. Not cool. Fox's message is a clear and true one. When they don't use stem cells, they are destroyed. Most of the public are for it so break that shit out. Imagine what can be done if we can get moving on this most vital research.
"Rush, baby, bad call...
Michael J Fox is all that embodies the 80's.
You can't mess with that!
Get off them pills son.

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BigMomma3502 said...

I'm so glad that there is SOMEONE on Earth who agrees with me that Matrix wasn't that great. The dialogue made me want to asphyxiate myself with the enormous bucket of stale popcorn! Oh, and Keanu Reeves is an AWFUL actor with eyes that are way too small for his face. He's not hot, ladies. No, he's really not.