Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Prestigiously Magical Fuck Over

Seems like I've been doing alot of movie reviews lately. I saw The Prestige today and I really liked it. A little long in the tooth though, but ponderous nonetheless. "What an intricate, head scratching storyline!"
What did you expect from the guys who brought you Memento?
I put my stamp of approval on this one, in fact, I'm giving it an A.
So it starts with Bale doing Jackman wrong by sorta causing his wife's death. Simple enough so far it seems. Hugh is wracked with grief and revenge consumes him...
Now he's really pissed off, and blows off a few of Christian's fingers. He also does not appreciate this very much. They embark on a real world game of FUCK YOUR NEIGHBOR, by trying to screw over each other's tricks and such, often to disastrous results.
"Chaos ensues!!!"
Mayhem abounds...
And in the end, I learned that sometimes the simple, logical things, that we tend to ignore, are the ones that can just as easily jump up and bite us in the ass.
How's that for cryptic? I don't think I really gave anything away on this one, nor did I want to. It's worth seeing, and although similar to The Illusionist era wise, it was quite a different story to be had. Both fantastic movies though, see them both if you get a chance. Much better fare than most of what else I've been exposed to. Or will soon be...
SAW 3 is one of them, and I saw a trailer for a new Will Ferrell movie sure to drop your IQ down a few notches. I pine for Ghost Rider. Also, just read news on the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight. I'm really psyched for it, although I question Heath Ledger as the Joker.
"We like Crispen Glover alot better..."
McFly-y-y, your shoes untied!
He is the new millenium's Joker, just as Nicholson was superb against the fat, balding Keaton version. I've liked Crispin in everything I've ever seen him in. He is just too fucking weird and his maniacal laugh is perfectly insane. Their loss, the way I see it.
So, I'm still worshipping at the God that is Youtube. I watch so many things I was never able to watch as a kid, interviews and videos that were on MTV, or the Devil's channel, as it was known in some of the po-dunk, piss ant towns I lived in growing up. Such is life. It's all good, but I'm unable to wrap my mind around what life would be like without the internet, let alone remember what it was like before it was even around.
My computer teacher back in 1986 told us the world would be connected and knowledge would be at our beckoned call. Woops, guess I should have listened a little closer. I was still learning to love myself at that age. I was too skinny and pimply at fourteen, if I'd have had porn that "handily" around all the time, I would never had made any friends. But I would have had a grip of death, to be certain.
"Sticky, too!"
Thank god for Hustler, and the fact that my dad wasn't very inventive in how he hid his porno movies. And for Conditioner...
And bathroom door locks...
I guarantee I had the softest pubes around town back in those days.
Not much going on these days, just working out and eating right. Hating my job and being in weird, funky moods all the time. And thinking of vengeance...
Did I say too much again? Nah, until I can blow shit up and/or people's heads with only the power of my mind, I'm going to have to settle for passively wishing those of you who are fucktards that have been placed, liked landmines in my path, nothing but ill will. I like those fantasies where you happen upon them in something like a... say... life or death situation where only I hold the key to their salvation. I like to ponder both scenarios.
I will soon, hopefully, be starting my wall of 11X13 framed, glossy photos of me pissing on the graves of...
"As we like to call 'em..."
Them's that done us wrong.
Long list too. I'm still young. I've got all the time in the world...

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