Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Liza-Dick-Barb Day!!!

And then there were none. He'd taken his bounty, the only way he knew how. You don't mess around with them demons. Things are signed, good times are had, fame and fortuitousness flow like wine.
"But everything has a price, yesh it does..."
Don't it though?
So I'm set to walk my ass around the frozen tundra, keeping my young'un safe from the bad peoples! Then, I guess we go check out the haunted house put on by the local police department. It's in some garage/parking thing downtown, hope it doesn't suck. Last year they had it in some houses thta were later going to be demolished.
The sad thing is...
My costume was scarier than anything they had.
That's not good for business. I had kids way more scared than that. I had a ton of blood too. Good make up. Not sure if I have time to do anything today, or if I even feel like it. It's cold as the Dickens out there. I will at least make sure my daughter takes in a pretty good haul before I call it quits for the night.
"The stuff we used to do on this very night, years and years ago..."
Yeah, soaping windows and TP-ing the neighborhood seems to have gone out of style. I never did anything harmful to people or property though. Just more of an annoyance than anything else. I'm sure around here, someone will get stabbed or shot tonight.
I want to move far away. I hate it here.
I'm walkin' out of this town
I'm never going back there
I'm never going back there again...

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Mr. Choice said...

Love the look of the scarecrow in the picture. Andy Dick is always scary.