Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another One Down, Chiefie Wiefie...

To start off with, I didn't even get up until one o'clock. The score was already 20-3 Chiefs! I got up, took control of the situation, and plopped down to watch my beloved team let the San Diego Chargers right back in it. They kept talking about how the Chargers never let anyone get over a hundred yards rushing on them.
I guess that one is blown now. Larry Johnson came on strong today, as did Tony Gonzalez. They tried their best to squash my spirits but with a few seconds to spare, Lawrence Tynes completely redeemed himself of the earlier missed extra point, and kicked a 53 yard field goal to put it away. I'm sure he knew he was kicking to keep his job. It was originally a 48 yarder but they got a bogus flag a play earlier for a false start. I can eat my ribs in joyous peace now, they are slow cooking in the oven as we speak.
"With fried taters and corn on the cob!"
You can't beat that for a victory dinner. So they knocked one of the teams down easily that I had possibly expected them to lose to. Maybe Herm's plan is finally coming round to fruition? I doubt it, but they do seem to be dishing out a little more abuse than they are taking. Damon Huard is also not getting sacked like he was before either. Still a little slow but he's warming up. I'll give him that. I saw a couple of Chiefs take the Charger quarterback down with some special tag team style move that left him unsure where he was for a few moments. I also spied with my little eye, Big Ben from Pittsburg take a nasty three way sammich that took his butt out of the game and they lost in overtime I was told. Good, I've been pissed since they took us down a peg or ten in that last game.
The Chiefs could finish with ten or eleven wins this season. Although they are still quite shaky, I'd love to see them surprise everyone and take the whole enchilada.
Could you just imagine...?

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