Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ed Tu Begley Jr?/ Sassafrasquatch Sightings...

Sassafrasquatch hates one thing more than anything else.
GODDAMN hippies!
He was recently spotted enjoying the nightlife on the riverfront in old St. Louie. Unfortunately, Ed Begley Douchebag tooted by in one of those electrical cars. This put "Sassy" through the roof. He then tore the head off one surprised yuppie looking piece of shit.
"Why?" you ask.
Because electric cars are for pussies.
Global warming, it's all bullshit. Everybody seems to forget Gore (the documentary maker), and especially Tipper, was big into the banning music thing where they deemed tunes too explicit for you. So nice of them.
Hmmmm, another hogwash in the making...
Enough of that. Tomorrow is Friday, what to do, what to do.
I will save that for manana...
Happy now, Flabio?

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