Sunday, August 20, 2006

WTC, the 411 on 9/11!

WTC. Saw it. Wasn't as impressed with as I was Flight 93. I already remember what the pain of that day feels like. I did, however get a view from that day as I hadn't pondered before.
The one from under the rubble. From the gasping voices of number 18 and 19 out of twenty to be pulled out alive. A courageous story, indeed, but a little long in the tooth. I think we can dispense with the niceties now...
Stick a fork in it, it's done.
When I'm sitting in a theater, more interested in rooting out chucklers to whup the tar out of, then it is time to move on to the next underappreciated tragedy. I can give remembrances in my own special way from here on after.
We were also the youngest in the audience too. When it was over, you could have heard a mouse fart. Creepy.
I give it a strong B. I just wasn't in the mood for it. I need zombies. Things Crunching.
I bought all the ingredients but must have grabbed the wrong thing on a few of them. Whole black beans instead of refried, a pain in the ass but still easily remedied. Instead of grabbing the superfilled 18 pack of taco shells, I snagged a 12 shell deal that came with seasoning packet and sauce. What a dumbass!
So I will now leave you, as I have to head back to the Neighborhood Market and grab some more shells. My kids and I have been craving crunchy tacos for the longest time. Twelve just won't do. It never does.
First day of school tomorrow. I don't have to worry about my kids burning the house down for awhile. Now I just have to worry about the freaks out there!!!
What a trade-off...

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BigMomma3502 said...

OH MY GOD - now I want tacos. Crunchy tacos. I know what I'm fixing for supper tonight.