Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Invasion Begins!!!

We have a "Visitor" for the weekend. She apparently really likes to play the drums and can simultaneously appear in four different rooms. At the same TIME even!!!
We held negotiations over the fate of the planet at Pizza Hut in Republic. We lost and now may NO LONGER call pepperoni by its name. We must now refer to it as: THAT SPICY BACON THAT I DON'T LIKE! (or be vaporized)
Other things mentioned: Rocketships, astronauts, and cherry pie. And whether or not I loved any or all of these things. And complete dominion over the races of the world.
Stay tuned, folks...

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BigMomma3502 said...

LOL, I told you she will not eat anything remotely spicy! Even peppermint candy and toothpaste is immediately spit out and called spicy. I'm not really sure if she is the kid I gave birth to. She may have been switched at the hospital, and some other family has a 4-year-old who will eat cheeseburgers and spicy food.