Monday, May 15, 2006

He shoots... He SCORES!!!

And just in time too. I'd hate to lose my creative edge/anti depressant. With it, I am a SUPERSTUD, ala Bert Convy. Without...?
Well, we don't want to imagine what THAT's like, do we? I hate Monday, for thirteen odd and unlucky years now I've had to dread getting up and enduring a hard day at work surrounded by knuckleheads and people whose lives are so pathetic that they must constantly try to throw others out of whack. I had to teach people who don't speak a lick of English how to do what I wanted them to do, even though it was someone else's responsibility altogether. But they are nice people and ultimately, due to THEIR performance, affect the outcome of MY performance ratings, and that means whether or not I get a sweet, kickass bonus or not. So who's the fool now? Other inspectors treat the workers like shit, not me. It's a win-win situation when you have everyone on "your team." I have lookouts for when my boss heads out into the plant. I get ALL the latest info and dirt, and an early heads up on Saturday work so I can find replacement help before it's all gone. And when you are loved by the masses, the back up is felt when you go toe to toe with the Head Cheese in his office. Enough talk about work. Still watching Grandma's Boy practically on a nightly basis. It's the new Baseketball in my world, dont'cha know now, hey?
I know what you're thinking...
When are the rants gonna come? Soon, always the calm.
Before the storm...

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